Seashells by the seashore

A friend of mine recently reached out and suggested we should do a little family photoshoot in a spot she had been imagining. Meggan Harrison is a local photographer and has helped me on many projects and captured some seriously special motherhood moments for me. I trusted her and knew she would take beautiful photos but I had never been to where we were going and didn’t imagine it would be as special as it turned out to be.

Literally like 2 minutes away from our home is the tiniest little beach covered in wildlife. A running stream with a little waterfall even and I had no idea! We saw so many variations of grasses and flowers and animals and SEASHELLS! The seashells really stole the show! It was such a special time. It was absolute magic for the girls as they collected shells and threw rocks into the pond, attempting to skip them but we definitely need more practice.

This spot back memories of living in Maine and just felt like such a gift. It was so peaceful and honestly just being in this place healing. I look at these photos and can hear the sounds, smell the smells, and instantly feel what I felt this evening.

Thank you Meggan for such a special evening, for giving us a new favorite spot to make memories, for the treasures that these photos are, and for teaching us that we can hike in clogs!

Thank you so much to Meggan Harrison Photography for capturing some special photos!

Dresses gifted from NothingFitsBut- Kiko Dress Floral Gauze and The Hana Dress for the girls

Momma’s Clogs- Sandgrens– Use the code amandapahls for 15% off.

Red Clogs- Gifted from Lotta From Stockholm

Other shoes girls are wearing gifted from Arvarcas

Hat is happily thrifted