Sunday Suppers: Truly a night to remember

Sobremesa | the time after a meal when food is gone, but the conversation around the table continues. 228101AA-EB7A-421C-81AF-997E43338BB6

A few weeks ago, Chris and I got to attend a Sombremesa Sunday Suppers event hotsted by our dear friend Amanda Watters, and for lack of better words, it was truly magical. A few months ago I was on the gram and saw a post from my sweet friend Amanda (mamawatters) sharing about the event she would   hosting.  I had been meaning to get to Kansas city to visit with her since it had been some time since we hung out, Chris and I hadn’t been on a date without a baby in literal years, and after months of binge watching Top Chef as a family, this event seemed like the perfect night to enjoy with one another. Perfect almost feels like an understatement now.B0C33603-958A-4839-AED4-8ADE76B686BD

I immediately texted Chris a screen shot about the event and he was like, Yes!!!! So, I knew we had to get tickets… But then I got to thinking… Who would watch all FOUR girls for several hours and into the night? I thought of a few people who might be interested and whom I knew Frankie and the girls would feel comfortable with and I felt like I knew the perfect people. We were actually hanging out with them that evening, so I knew I had to ask, knowing that this would probably make or break our ability to attend the Sunday Supper’s event.

I asked our dear friends who I might add have 4 of their own, including twins, and without any hesitation, my friend said yes! And an excited yes! She actually told me she felt honored that I asked them and, insert Chris and I both crying literal tears of joy, we just felt so incredibly loved and blessed to have friends who would take in our children and with joyful hearts.  I have a really difficult time leaving the girls, especially Frankie, but I had such a peace about letting them go with these friends and knew they would have the best time! So…we got tickets and were so excited for November 3rd to roll around! Fast forward, the girls had THE BEST time and we are so excited to hopefully get the chance to pay them back by watching their babes!



There were so many reasons I was so excited about this event.. I was excited for the time with Chris, to see my friends, to maybe make new friends, to enjoy good food, and just excited about being excited:D One of the highlights was meeting my friend Caley!!! We met on the gram, I think our first conversation was about paint trim colors, and then we discovered we had lots in common, including home birth and so many things motherhood related, and our friend Amanda. I’m trying to find the words to describe just how life giving and refreshing this night was for Chris and I. First, the little road trip to Kansas City itself. I love road trips and some of the very best conversations Chris and I have happen on these little trips and having that time alone together was just awesome. Now I’ll skip to our arrival.


We pulled up to the house and I was like Christmas morning excited to see Amanda and see the love I knew she was pouring into the event. Amanda and I met on Instagram as well and after small talk here and there, developed a friendship which has been so special to me. We laughed about how the last time we came to visit I was SO pregnant with Frankie and was actually dilated to an 8 and had to go on bed rest like the day after we hung out. 😀 #worthit. Anyway, we walked in and were met with the warmest welcome and if you’ve been to Amanda’s house, you walk in and just feel home. I have gleaned so much inspiration from her as a mother and from the care she pours into everything she does.


I started to recognize people from Instagram and it was so fun getting to visit in real life! I recognized this gem, Whitney, but had no idea that within minutes she would become one of my new favorite people on this planet! Then another person, Karen, whom we literally met just a few weeks prior while we were visiting our sweet friend Stephanie in Colorado Springs.

15C9FE81-8730-4A6A-B010-661A1D86252ELife is so strange sometimes and it was so cool how so many of us shared connections we didn’t know we had. I got to meet friends I have followed on Instagram for years, meet shop owners whom we’ve collaborated with, meet incredible artists and mothers and shop owners and just truly beautiful, beautiful people! I felt like I walked away with new friendships to cherish and such precious memories!



We ate fancy cheeses and exotic grapes and felt pretty cool:D


Then we ate fancy bread, exotic butters and felt even more cool:D


There wasn’t a moment that felt awkward or uncomfortable, it was just so fun! I will share Amanda’s blog on this evening at the end of this, so you can read about more details of the night!   The food was incredible! Amanda worked so hard and it was transparent in every bite! She taught us how to make delicious ricotta, introduced us to foods we had never experienced, and gave us a very fun culinary experience. But what made the evening really magical was the booze:D Totally joking!

E28B1FC8-F906-456E-9724-3F6113EB7628 It was the awesome fellowship and connection we shared with each other around the table.16F15AF4-79C0-4746-82FB-85BFE0A3047B

Sunday Suppers is intended to be a celebration of good food and great community and it was that and so much more! Amanda and Andrew worked so hard and poured themselves into each nook and cranny of the evening, and it was just so special! Have I said special and magical enough.


Chris and I work in ministry and it is very rare for us to attend anything where we are not in charge or serving in some role of leadership and even more rare to do anything without our children. While we love our children and serving others very much, this evening felt so freeing! We got to go and just be Chris and Amanda. We had no agenda, no obligations, no responsibilities or expectations to fulfill. We held hands, laughed, told stories, heard amazing stories,  had teary moments and left feeling beyond refreshed. We couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way home. I know Amanda had intentions to make this a special night, but I don’t think she knew how truly life giving it would be for some of us. I walked away feeling so renewed!


It’s honestly hard to find the right words to describe how wonderful the evening was. Amanda writes this, “The smiles and warmth in these photos say it all. Making food for others is one of the ways I show love to those I care about, and when done where we live, it’s even more meaningful for me. It’s home. Andrew and I did our best to make our guests feel at home, and in return, they gave us meaningful conversation, memories, and laugher, along with a newfound perspective of what gathering and sharing a meal can truly do for our souls. Like a steadfast buoy in a turbulent sea, this evening lifted the spirits of all who came and gathered and shared. The vulnerability in not knowing who would show up, both for us hosting and the guests, made for a delicate experience that blanketed our home in grace. The world needs more of this. Our supper was one I know we will talk about for the rest of our lives, and one that will live on in the new friendships we made around the table breaking bread.”


The world needs more of this indeed! We will cherish this evening for as long as we can remember it! If you get the opportunity to attend a Sunday Suppers event, we highly recommend it! I feel like I’m leaving out a million things, but basically we walked away with the reminder that we were made for community. We were made to enjoy the good things our Creator created and with one another! Eat Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

(The photos shared here are a collection of photos taken personally, some from Amanda herself, some taken by people whom attended and from MacyAnn, who took photos of the evening.)

You can read about this evening from Amanda’s perspective here.

Q is for Quiche

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetFor those of you who follow us regularly, you know that the little ladies and I like to make and bake something new for each letter we’re learning in home school that week. This past week was Q and as it turns out, there aren’t a lot of foods that start with Q.  Quail, quail eggs, Quesedilla, Quince and Quiche were all I could think of. Probably there’s more, but this was my list.  We decided a quiche would be good, and while I love a sweet onion or delicious dill quiche, momma was craving something real sweet.  So, I googled dessert quiche and the first thing I saw did the trick!  We adapted this French Vanilla Quiche recipe from and I’m SO glad we did!  Think, sweet vanilla custardy deliciousness baked into a good ol’ flaky pie crust just like grandma’s! Nomnomnomnomnom!


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Here’s what you need to make this little quiche baby!

  • 1 Pie crust. You can make your own or do what we did & get a refrigerated or frozen pie crust.  There will be enough custard for one deep dish crust or for two regular sized crusts.
  • 4 whole eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoons unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1 3/4 cups half and half
  • 1 vanilla bean – I learned a little bit about vanilla bean shopping! I looked at 4 places and found that the Private Selection brand at our Dillons grocery store made the least expensive. 2 beans for $10.  I found 1 bean for $9 and the average price seemed to be 2beans for $16. But trust me, it’s worth it!  I’m sure you could use pure vanilla extract if you are unable to hunt down some vanilla beans, but scraping the vanilla from the beans makes you feel cool, and you can decorate the pie with the beans, so there’s that to think about too:DProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

And here’s what you need do with those ingredients to get this quiche baby ready to put in your mouth! P.S….Don’t eat babies. Eat quiche. We’re making quiche.

  1. Place your oven rack in the middle position and preheat your oven to 375°F. Place your pie crust into your 9-inch pie plate, tucking back edges of crust or making it real fancy nice!

  2. In a big ol’ bowl, whisk together eggs, egg yolks, and sugar until the color lightens up and is real nice and frothy, around 2 minutes. Whisk in flour, then your half and half, scrape all that vanilla goodness out of the vanilla bean and mix everything up real good. Prepare for your kitchen to smell amazing!
  3. Pour your delicious vanilla goodness into your crust. Place pie plate on rimmed baking sheet and bake until egg mixture is puffed and a light gold.  Cook for about about 55 minutes to 1 hour for the deep dish and about 30 minutes for two of the shallower pie crusts . Remove from oven, leave the room, tell your self no for 15 minutes (plenty of time to change into stretchy pants and get some coffee) and then come back, take a pretty picture, top with anything you might like (we did fresh sliced strawberries) and slice it up and eat that quiche!! It is so good warm or refrigerated a few hours later..and then a few more hours after that, a few more after that and even a little after that too!Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

    Enjoy friends!!!

Essential Oil Playdough Fun

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In our home, we make a lot of playdough  In fact, we’ve never actually purchased playdough. Making playdough is super fun, super easy, super inexpensive, the girls love to help make it and there are endless possibilities of how you can incorporate learning into playdough play.

E9144A9B-833F-4A32-AED2-B0B1666B82EF.jpeg Without going into too much detail, essential oils & playdough can be used for some pretty amazing stuff!  While I’m mostly sharing this for the recipe, here are a few benefits!

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We use playdough for both directive and non-directive play, to encourage imagination and creativity, build hand strength, master fine motor skills, strengthen bilateral coordination, to learn skills like counting and measuring, encouraging conversation and even for therapeutic properties like relaxing, reducing stress, anxiety, calming, grounding and reducing anger with the use of essential oils.

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When you add essential oils that are used to stimulate, calm or balance to playdough, you’re creating a whole new play experience that has the ability to strengthen the mind, calm tempers and even strengthen the immune system.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetWhen you get a chance, research how neural pathways work! It’s amazing how sensory tools like playdough and essential oils can work together to wire and rewire areas in our brain! Just amazing.

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So, the way we incorporate playdough into our learning and our learning into our playdough is by by making and using it on rainy Mondays like today making or making it fit our theme for the week. We try and learn and master a new letter each week. We do crafts, read books, play games and make foods that correspond with the letter we’re learning that week.  Some of the ways we’ve done this in the past is Lavender scented, Lavender colored playdough for the week of L while listening to the song Lavender’s Blue on repeat for 2 hours:D

FullSizeRender (9)You can talk about how the playdough feels, how it smells, how it makes them feel, what they like and even what they don’t like about it. You can incorporate fun playdough tools, thrifted baking and kitchen items, pieces of nature collected outside and many household items to create lots of different ways to experience learning with playdough.

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We’ve done this with lots of letters, colors, music and essential oil blends! We then practice making the letter we’re learning and mold the various items they can think of that start with that letter. I’m always amazed at some of the stuff they come up with… Each essential oil has different impacts on the mood. If we’re needing a little energy, citrus will help. If we need to calm down than lavender helps!

Get creative and have fun! When our letter was P, we made our own Peace essential oil blend, colored the playdough a bit pink, peach & purple (their idea) and the girls made pretend pregnant molds by pressing the dough into teaspoons (also their idea!):D.  They’re kind of still obsessed with all things pregnancy and birth🙌 They almost always make outfits for their barbies, creative foods and animals and they’ve even crafted playdough into jewelry.

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Plus, they’ll play for plenty long enough for you to snap some photos and edit them while enjoying a nice honey latte:D


We’ve experimented with a few recipes and here is our favorite!


2 cups flour

2 cups colored water

1 cup salt

1-2  tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

5-15 drops of essential oils of choice


  1. You’re going to add all your ingredients, minus the essential oils, in a large saucepan and mix real good until combined.
  2. Once it’s mixed real good, place pan over medium heat. Use a spatula to stir until all your dough turns into a pretty ball. Sometimes we add a little more coloring in this stage until we get the color we want.
  3. As soon as you’re ball is formed, remove from heat and cool on parchment paper. NOTE: Don’t overcook as your playdough will get all dry and gross:( If it seems a little dry, rub your pretty playdough ball down with more olive oil. I usually add another tablespoon just so it’s good and moist. (Worst word ever, but I didn’t know what other word to use.)
  4. Once your playdough has cooled down, add your essential oils and knead until combined and as smelly good as you want.  Depending on the oils I use, sometimes 5 drops is enough and sometime I need 20.  Just play around with your oil blends until you get it how you want.
  5. Voila! Beautiful essential oil playdough! Store in an airtight container for lots of playdough fun! We store our playdough in thrifted air tight glass containers and keep our dough and utensils stored in pretty picnic baskets within their reach so they can take it out to play during free time, which is basically all day:D

Momma’s Favorite Lactation Cookies

One of my favorite ways to boost my milk supply has to be these lactation cookies! They are super delicious and every time I eat them my milk supply is awesome! I make them when I know I have to pump a little extra milk for my little lady.  I’ve tried a few recipes, but these are the best tasting and most effective ones I’ve tried. I’ve adapted this recipe from  I hope they work out for you. Worst case scenario, you just get to enjoy some delicious cookies:D  several people have asked for this recipe so here it is!

Prep time: approx. 15 minutes

Oven temp: preheat to 335-340F

Makes approx. 14-16 cookies, using a dessert spoon per cookie (double the recipe for more)


1 cup self raising wholemeal flour (if you have plain flour, add 1/2 teaspoon baking powder. You could probably substitute with coconut or almond flour but I haven’t tried that yet)

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup brown sugar )

1 egg

2 tablespoons flaxseed meal

3 tablespoons of water

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons of brewers yeast – do not substitute with bakers yeast or any other yeast

1/2 teaspoon salt – use himalayan salt if possible

1 & 1/2 cups oats – organic, steel cut oats are best for you, but rolled oats are fine

1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips or your favorite cookie extras- you can alter this and add fruit, nuts, whatever your lactating self is craving 😂



In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar, then add the egg and vanilla. Mix well. In a separate bowl, combine the flaxseed and water, let them sit for a few minutes before adding to mix. Add the dry ingredients (apart from the oats and your additional ingredients) and mix well again. Finally, stir in the oats and your additional ingredients. Spoon 2 tbsp sized scoops cookie dough balls and place them onto a lightly greased or lined baking tray. Bake the lactation cookies for around 10-12 minutes, depending on how soft/ crunchy you want them. I like mine super soft so I do 10 minutes. Remove from oven, take pretty picture and enjoy 😂😂

I hope these work wonders for you!