It’s raining linen

As the weather warms up and seasons change, I always feel this urge to change our home up. Spring makes me want to open up all the windows, bask in that warm sunshine, and add lighter and brighter pieces to our home. We have had thunderstorms all week which is my most favorite weather! It has us all wanting to cuddle in bed a little extra, cozy up, and read our favorite stories to the sound of the rain! We have the honor of working with one of our most favorite companies, our friends Garnet Hill to showcase some gorgeous new pieces from their Linen Shop and share some of the changes we have made to our home for Spring! We shared a few months ago about the magic of layering, which you can read here, but I want to also tell you about the magic of linen!

When it comes to decorating, I like to keep things fairly simple. I have learned to really love a pop of linen here and a pop of linen there to cozy up our home! Most of our decor is thrifted, but there’s just something so nice about adding good quality linens to a room! I did the math, and our kitchen is the only room currently without a little Garnet Hill😀 I like to joke around a lot about my love of pillows and blankets, and also maybe chairs and wardrobes, and then also baskets:D But you also need to know about my deep love of linen.

Featuring some of our favorite pieces from the Linen Shop

Garnet Hill celebrates pure linen styles made from sustainable French flax. They have linens in a beautiful range of colors, fun seasonal prints, and with unique details. Their linen bedding is seriously some of the very best! Dudes! Linen has this super soft, buttery, breathable texture, and the best thing is linen bedding is naturally temperature regulating so it’s wicked comfortable any time of year. No getting too hot. No getting too cold! We have slowly worked to replace all of the sheets in our home with quality linen because its just that good! Also, Garnet Hill linens have proven to be easy to clean. And I am saying that as a mother to 4 children under age 8 in the muddiest Spring I can remember…and with NO working washing machine:D That’s another story for another day, but we are currently without a dishwasher, washing machine, and about to undergo some serious house projects! Somehow all of this has had me leaning into trying to cozy things up even more so. The storms have also meant 4 little girls running into our bed every evening, and that has me more grateful for a cozy bedding than ever!

Featuring the perfect Spring Quilt, the Relaxed Linen Quilt

There is a reality that we can be super influenced by our external environments. I have learned that I very much so am. As a home educator, our home is where we spend most of our time. It’s so important for me to feel cozy, simply to function best. My favorite way to decorate is really just to switch out linens throughout our home. Decorating your home should be personal. You should have fun styling your home and creating an environment that makes YOU feel HOME! And linens make me feel right at home:D

When the weather starts to warm up, I like to add brighter whites to each room. I like to layer bright whites with creamier whites to create a fresh, soft look. The longer I write this, the more I realize, my decorating is legit just trading different shades of whites for each season. Maybe a little chair here and another stool there, for sure a crock bowl here and a crock bowl there… But other than that, changing around our linens is the decorating for me:D

I also tend to add more colors during the Spring and Summer months. I change out the girls’ Oatmeal Bedding for Bengal Blue and put away their creamy knits and put out more colorful quilts. I also like to pair thrifted vintage floral pieces with our Garnet Hill linen. A little mix of old and new feels so good to me!

I also want to take a moment to share some of our favorite Garnet Hill picks for the bathroom this Spring. Garnet Hill has a gorgeous Bathroom Collection. We added their Chunky Weave Waffle Shower Curtain to our bathroom last year and have been loving it! They now have her in a Soft Birch color as well that I am hopeful to hang in the bathroom when Fall and Winter come back around. There it is again. The ol’ switch out shades of cream to decorate! It’s the little changes that feel so good, ya know?!

Garnet Hill also just introduced this beautiful soap and brush set that has our whole bathroom smelling like beautiful Marsielle soap. Pretty and practical is my favorite combination! I think this smell will now always remind me of that Spring where Mom laundered the clothing in the tub, where all the dishes were washed by hand, where little mud handprints and footprints were the art covering the house, and where the sound of little girls laughing was the soundtrack always playing in the background. Amanda-your friend who cries while writing blogs a lot these days.

A scene I never want to forget. I’ve always laundered the girls’ tights by hand and hung them to dry. However, this Spring, our 8 year old has officially outgrown every pair. Her 3 year old sister now fits into pairs that were just hers. Something about this Spring has had me more emotional and nostalgic than any I can remember. Holding onto scenes like this one so tightly.

If you know me, you know my love of pillows is the real deal. These Solid Relaxed Ivory Pillow Covers are gorgeous! We have them in Ivory on our bed and in White on our Master Bed, and they make both beds feel so very cozy! And sometimes when I am feeling really wild, I’ll change things up and put the White ones on our bed and the Ivory on the guest bed. I’m a wild girl I tell ya!:D Linens man, they’re just really so nice. Linens make for beautiful gifts, are a simple way to cozy your home, and are truly practical items that make it easier to justify why you need just one more chair and basket to display them and store them in:D

However you like to decorate your home, we hope you’re having a beautiful Spring! I hope you’re dancing in the rain, splashing in puddles, and that all of your major appliances are working 😀 A huge thank you to our pals Garnet Hill for helping us truly make this house feel more and more like our home and for making the art of decorating our home so fun for me!

Disclaimer: This post was made possible by Garnet Hill but all opinions expressed are our own. The links included in this piece are not affiliate links.

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