Did someone say Cottage Core?!

Listen, our pals at Garnet Hill know what they’re doing! I’ve been on the hunt for an antique king bed for quite some time but did you know they are very hard to find?! And if you do find one it’s most likely an astronomical price and/or not in great condition. We’ve only ever had platform style beds and I’ve wanted something with a headboard. There is just something about beds with a headboard that feel so grown up to me. I love spindle beds, but my husband does not.☺️ That would have been my very first choice, but I knew a compromise was going to be necessary. I searched around and then found this! The Tulip Bed from Garnet Hill. Garnet Hill has some gorgeous bed frames but this is the one that channeled the Louisa May Alcott vibes for me, and that Chris didn’t hate:D It had this antique feel but also this, “I will be safe to sleep on” feel, which I really enjoy!

It took me some time to choose a color, but we ultimately went with the Espresso. Our room has lots of white, cedar, and cherry stains and this color really compliments the space and other colors of our room well. She kind of takes the stage as the the main centerpiece of our room now. She has that old-fashioned feel with beautiful hand-turned posts and classic tulip finials. In other words, she real cute! We’ve had many people asking where our bed is from and now you know. The Tulip Bed from Garnet Hill and after sleeping on this thing for some time, would recommend Garnet Hill Bed frames and bedding confidently to my pals!

When we reached out to Garnet Hill about the possibility of adding the Tulip bed to our home, they had more good news! They were getting ready to release a new Cottage Core Collection! If you follow me on instagram or pinterest, you know these words are like music to my ears! Beautiful quilts, linens, timeless rugs and throws, and the words homestead are just a few of my favorite things included in this collection! Featured here is the White Relaxed Linen Quilt and Shams in King and complimentary Standard sized Relaxed Linen Shams in Oatmeal, another favorite word. Not only do these quilts have a lovely, timeless appearance, but they are so, so cozy!

The Relaxed Linen Quilt and Shams are inspired by a well-draped, well-textured quilt the brand discovered on a trip to Paris. Woven in Portugal from certified European flax; these linens are breathable and naturally temperature regulating for year-round comfort. The color options are right up my ally and layer beautifully with one another as well as with other bedding. One of my most favorite things about 100% linen, that has proven to be true with these linens, is they only get softer and cozier with each wash. You’ve seen me talk about how layering colors and textures can create extra cozy vibes, and in my opinion, these Relaxed Linens are some of the best for this kind of layering.

While not necessarily a part of the Cottage Core Collection, I couldn’t post this blog without telling you Garnet Hill recently added my most favorite color to my most favorite Quilt Collection from Garnet Hill! You may remember me showcasing the Straw Agnes Quilts in our oldest daughters’ beds or the Grey Agnes Quilt a while back on our bed. I also made our family Christmas stockings out of the Red Agnes Quilted Shams. But now Garnet Hill has also added a beautiful new blue and the prettiest shade of oatmeal:) And you guys know how much I love oatmeal!

Welp! Let me just tell you! These Agnes Quilts are sparking some serious joy for me! We added them to our youngest’s room and they’re just so pretty! This Oatmeal compliments our youngest daughters’ space beautifully! Antique beds and quilts were really just made for each other. There’s just something about the look of a classic Irish chain quilt that feels so very cozy to me and these Agnes Quilts are so well made and will be in our family for years and years to come. I don’t plan on parting with these quilts until the girls ask if they can use them in their homes.

As always, we are so honored to work with Garnet Hill and cozy up our home with their beautiful heritage pieces.

Thank you to Meggan Maree for the gift of these photos!

(Disclaimer: This blog was made possible by Garnet Hill through the gifting of their products, but all opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.)