Some bells and whistles courtesy of the Samsung Family Hub

I’ll be honest with you guys… I’m not usually a bells and whistles type of gal. But when we were reached out to about trying the new Family Hub Refrigerator from Home Depot, the bells and whistles sounded real nice:D

We spend so much time as a family in our kitchen. We are having fun learning how to use the features of our Family Hub and are creating fun memories in the process.

We love dance parties! Like a lot, a lot! So when I saw that the Family Hub had our favorite music apps and a high quality speaker on the front of the door, I knew the girls would be so excited about it!

The girls are quick to turn on our favorite Spotify stations as we begin making our breakfasts each morning and it’s been really enjoyable.

Another favorite feature is the Doodle and Post It note apps. The girls will doodle drawings and create little love notes while we prepare our meals and cook. I truly love seeing their new creations and little love notes when I go to open the fridge.

Also, you know how I know I’ve reached like extra mom status? I got excited about being able to remotely add my calendar, reminders, and grocery shopping lists to our Family Hub. I can also upload pictures and videos and do all of this from my phone.

Remember the days when refrigerators were just boxes that kept our food cold:D But seriously, this thing has legit AI technology and can help me with meal planning, recipe searches, and can even help me do both based on ingredients we already have in our Family Hub. This is the closest to the Jetsons I’ve ever felt☺️

The girls don’t get overly excited about too many of my partnerships, but I’m warning you, the first thing they will ask you if you come over right now, is if you want to see their new fridge😀 They are super impressed with it and now think their Mom’s job is really cool:D

We got the 26.5 cu. ft.Family Hub 3 French Door Standard Depth in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel. Chris loves the modern look and I love not wiping it down every day:D And dudes! There is so much space inside! The extra room is lovely, but the technology to help our foods last even longer is wild! I genuinely had no idea Humidity Controlled Drawers designed to help keep fruit and veggies stay fresh longer was even a thing before this fridge, and I‘m totally here for it.

Oh! And one more thing, and possibly my favorite feature of our Family Hub! If the doors get left open, she sings a little song to let us know! With 4 little ladies who frequently visit the snack drawer, leaving the fridge open is almost a game around here:D It’s so nice being able to make sure the doors get closed.

There are so many neat features I am excited to use on our Samsung Family Hub! If you’re currently on the hunt, I am happy to answer any questions you might have about our Family Hub.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored and made possible by HomeDepot and Samsung but all opinions expressed are our own.

And a huge thank you to Meggan Harrison Photography for taking these photos for us.