Tidy up with some help from The Laundress


Has the weather been crazy for nice for you too?!  If so, you probably are feeling exactly what I’m feeling! That itch to clean up, declutter, minimize and refresh for the Spring season!  Fall has almost always been my favorite season, but I think Spring might be my new favorite!  Ok, maybe Fall is still my favorite.. But, there truly is just something SO refreshing about Spring. The breeze the curtains flowing in the breeze coming through the open windows, the sweet floral aromas, the girls playing outside, and the sounds of birds chirping! I am just really excited for Spring this year!


She’s cute… but look at that giant pile of laundry behind her:D



So, with Spring almost here, and the Spring cleaning/Nesting season around the corner, I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite companies to share with you some of our favorite products we will be using to dust those bunnies into shape!  If you don’t already use The Laundress‘ products, they’re lovely!


I never thought I would get so excited about cleaning and laundering.  For those of you who know me well, you probably didn’t know I had this in me either.  I can imagine my husband reading this and thinking, “So… You’re going to do the laundry today then, or at least fold the three clean loads unfolded in a gigantic pile on the basement floor, right?! Sorry Husband.  I love you boo!

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They had me at non toxic and eco-friendly but their packaging is so very pretty, everything smells amazing AND these products really work!  AND did you know that 90% of “Dry Clean Only” products are actually washable at home?! The Laundress will teach you ALL the things!

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I have used their Signature Laundry Detergent before and I think I have a goal to try out every Laundry product they offer. They have a ‘Just For Baby’ line and they’ve even teamed up with John Mayer to create an eco-conscious partnership where 50% of proceeds from sales go to the Montana Association of Land Trusts.

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They have everything you need to clean every room, wash any item, they sell beautiful storage pieces, some of the prettiest brushes and brooms I’ve ever seen AND The Laundress will teach you all the cleaning and laundering tricks!  Check out their blog  here to learn even more!

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No joke, these girls love cleaning everything but their room! They would scrub the floor, mop, sweep, dust, make my bed, load and unload the dishwasher, even take out the trash and you would only hear giggles! But if you ask them to pick up their room! You would think I’ve just asked them to walk on nails:D So funny!!!

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Weird confession time! I’ve never scrubbed my bathroom floor.  Please don’t judge me. We have fairly new tiles but I’m strangely excited to scrub the bathroom floor!??  This Laundress brush is perfect for our mosaic tiles and as strange as it sounds, the little ladies are getting some cleaning toothbrushes and we’re going to play Cinderella and clean these floors like they’ve never been cleaned before.IMG_0657


Also, I feel the need to reiterate that having them scrub the floors with me is not some weird form of corporal  punishment!  They seriously love cleaning, as long as the room is detached from their bedroom:D



As a mother of 4 curious little ladies with a growing wardrobe of ‘delicate wash only’ apparel, I have had to learn a lot about home laundering delicates lately!  This wash & stain bar and I have been getting well acquainted and it’s lovely! I’ve used it on this very loved top, a few of Ada’s knitted bonnets and have a few dresses that have a date with this bar & brush this evening!  It works wonderfully and smells SO good! As we have added more babies, more stains and less time, their stain bar has become what feels like a necessity for me! I’ve never used a stain treatment that works as well as the stain bar!



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My husband actually likes their stuff so much that I am gifting him their Men’s Garment Care set along with some of their LeLabo detergents for Father’s Day this year!

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So, there you have it! If you are looking for some new products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, work great, smell amazing and, most importantly, look good in photos☺️☺️☺️ try The Laundress’ products and tell them Amanda said you would like their stuff:D

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