Picnicking at Home with ALDI

There truly is no place like home. I actually look forward to winter because it means more cozy moments spent inside our home. Don’t get me wrong, I love going on adventures and getting out, but there’s just something so perfect about hanging out at home, especially during these extra chilly months.

FC3D0431-4AFC-4763-906B-FC3A353D3D05One of the girls’ favorite winter activities to do as a family is to have indoor picnics. Indoor picnics are so easy and fun! We lay down a leather mat and some blankets, spread out, and enjoy a sweet little meal together on the living room floor.

Indoor picnics are wonderful and there are endless possibilities of the foods you can serve and so many fun, even educational, themes you can create within a picnic.

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The girls had been asking us to have a big picnic for a while, so when ALDI reached out and asked us to share some of our favorite ALDI items that have received the Chefs in America American Masters of Taste Gold Medal Endorsements, I didn’t hesitate to say yes! After I read the list of their 46 award-winning Items, I got pretty excited!

Fancy meats, cheeses, and booze?! Yes please! There were several other items to receive the Gold Medal Endorsements in 2017, but these ingredients are basically my love language, so… Let the fancy indoor picnic party commence!
For real though guys, we love ALDI!  I never knew about ALDI until we had been settled in and married for a while, and it makes me so happy. We pay half of what we were paying before on our groceries, we always find delicious, organic foods, and the girls now save quarters around the house for our cart, which we then hand off to somebody each time we go.  It’s only $.25, but it truly does teach our girls and gets them excited about small acts of kindness.

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This time, Dad went all out and made us poached eggs and prosciutto on buttered sourdough toast. SO thankful for this husband of mine!
So, let me share with you what we got to make Momma’s fancy indoor picnic dreams come true. You can get everything pictured here from your local ALDI, so your picnic dreams are only one stop away!

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First you need to get them fancy meats. Appleton Farms Italian Styles Capocollo, Sopressata, and Prosciutto. Guys, if you like meat… just yes.
Then you need some cheesy yum yums! Happy Farms Preferred Apple Smoked Cheddar, Rustic Red Cheddar, and Vintage English Cheddar.  Momma likes her some cheddar! The Rustic Red literally felt like it melted in my mouth and it may or may not have paired perfectly with some sweet red wine for a little late night snack with Dad.

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The girls ask us to have apples and grapes with every picnic we have so we also picked up some red grapes, organic gala apples, Savoritz crackers, sourdough bread and some apple juice for the little ladies.
You put all of this together and, BAM! Perfect winter indoor picnic! I hope you guys enjoy lots of indoor picnics with all of your favorite people and foods this winter!

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(Disclosure: This post was sponsored and made possible by ALDI, but all opinions expressed are my honest opinions.)