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Welcome to the fourth installment of The Mom Blog Collective: How to Balance Motherhood and Blogging.
If you’re new here, here’s the scoop. Once a month, our group of amazing and inspiring mamas will answer the same set of questions to do with blogging, Instagram, photography, collaborations, sponsored posts, balancing it all with motherhood, and more. We each have different perspectives and different opinions, so this is a fun way to learn from one another. We hope you’ll join along!
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I am so excited to be a guest on #themomblogcollective” this week!

Blogging is one of those things that I really enjoy, something that I want to be better at and is an area that I want to grow in many different ways. The world of blogging and Instagram have introduced me to many friends, have offered me so much inspiration and encouragement and has opened me up to a world full of opportunity that I didn’t even realize existed just a few years ago.

When I first started blogging I was just doing it to kind of journal our days and share a few thoughts on motherhood as a brand new mom. I had no idea that people were paid to blog, I didn’t know what a collaboration was, or that this was a career for many and I definitely had no idea that blogging would one day be a way I helped support my family! Fast forward 5 years and, while I have so many areas I need to grow in, I want to answer some of the questions often asked when it comes to blogging and using Instagram.


When & How often do you blog/ post? Remember that whole, ‘areas I need to grow in’ thing. Consistency is one of those areas I really want and need to grow in.  I post much more on instagram than I blog, mostly because blogging is much more time consuming, and in this season of life, scheduling time to blog has been a bit difficult. So when do I blog? I blog when I think about it and have time, or when I have a deadline. Deadlines help me a lot and force me to sit down and accomplish a task.  I have found that even creating deadlines for myself, will help me to get things done.  Even if I do it at the last minute, I am more likely to get it done!

Blogging happens when the babes go on a trip with dad to the store, when the girls are napping, when they’re content coloring, painting or watching an afternoon movie. I used to work a little in the evenings but now those are prime binge drinking hours for Frankie and I want to sleep as soon as I get a chance to now… #momlife.

Time management is another area that I find myself struggling. Like, I maybe put on a bra while peeing because I forgot I wasn’t wearing one and we were out the door to leave for our weekly church cell group and maybe I’m typing this line while in the bathroom while at the group. #momfail. So… yes. I definitely have room for growth in the area of balancing motherhood and blogging!

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How many collaborations do you take on and how does that number work with your schedule as a mom?

When it comes to collaborating, I am learning when to say no. When I first started taking on collaborations, I basically said yet to everyone. Then I learned how time consuming that could be! Even now, taking on less collaborations, I still find myself  playing catch up lately.  I have been so fortunate to work with such kind and patient people but I’m working towards accepting fewer collaborations while in the “catching up” process. I love partnering and collaborating with both small and large companies but want to be better about creating blogs, photos and content all together for companies faster and, about to use the C word again, more consistently…

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI am always amazed by the generosity of some of the companies we work with, and I want to return the generosity by providing high quality content at a fast turn around time. I have about 5 blogs I need/want to do this month and I am learning that I have to give myself deadlines to get them done.  Collaborating has been a wonderful way to provide for our family and a super fun hobby, but its also a job. And, again… I am learning how to create more routine and manage my time.

I also only collaborate with companies that I feel I can honestly represent well and I think that’s an important thing to consider when blogging and collaborating. I’ve turned down a few high paying partnerships because they were for products our family doesn’t use and as much as I wanted those moneys, I believe as an “influencer” you need to be honest first.


Awhile back I received several e-mails from someone who was very angered by my collaborating.  They used phrases like, “You’re a giant walking ad”, “You tag so many people in your photos”, You’re so fake”,  “Isn’t your family worth more than things”, and “You Instagram moms are all alike”.  While these things could be hurtful, I have to understand that this person does not understand that this is a job for me and for many of my “Instagram Mom” friends. Yes, I do partner and advertise for many companies as that is how I provide for our family right now while our girls are young and before I head back to work as a Therapist.

In response to these comments and questions, I do tag many companies in my photos as this is how most of my collaborations work. Just as someone may be asked to wear a company shirt while representing their company to an event, I am asked to represent my partnerships via social media by sharing how we incorporate different items into our day via tagging and blogging. While I do not believe I am fake, in order to represent certain things best, I do curate and style certain photos to achieve a certain aesthetic, just like a photographer would do.

Also, my family is more important than any material thing and they are very aware of that. They also are aware that they have nice clothes to wear, cozy beds to sleep on and well-made toys to play with because of momma’s job that provides these things along with extra money for groceries, education supplies or those unexpected bills we all love so much! Being a wife and mom comes first, but just as with any job, there are commitments and deadlines that have to be fulfilled.

And yes, there are many of us “Instagram moms” who share a specific aesthetic. I like to joke that “who cares if we like white walls and baskets”:D That’s totally ok, and just as ok as someone else’s style! While Instagram and blogging can create amazing opportunities to connect, journal and capture moments most of us genuinely do not want to forget, it is also a way for us to receive products we could normally not afford (#PastorsWife) and provide an income for our family’s AND we are able to do it from home AND in a way we really enjoy! I am genuinely confused as to why these things would upset people, but I am happy to converse with anyone who wants to about this topic.

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I hear a lot of friends say, “I want to start a blog but I don’t have a lot of time and I don’t think I would be very consistent”.  While these things are very important, you can still get started! So, if you’re thinking about starting a blog, my advice is to go for it!  You might not have a ton of time, you might not be able to post as consistently as you would like, but there is room for you to grow and a lot of opportunity to still experience while growing! I’m still learning many things and balancing motherhood and any job or responsibility can be difficult. It’s truly all about learning what works best for you and your family and finding the little ways to make the things you want to do come true! Some days you might put your bra on while peeing… and that’s ok. ☺️

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