A family that chucks together, stays together:D Step Forward with FamousFootwear

We are happy to have teamed up with FamousFootwear and their #stepforward campaign! As a mother of 3, soon to be, 4 daughters, we want to raise our girls to be kind, strong, loving, courageous, and to be ladies who feel empowered to make positive choices and make a positive impact on the world around them!  This campaign is designed to inspire and remind us and that every journey begins with taking a step forward. Every day is a new chance to take a step forward closer to your goals, towards living the life you were called to live and a step forward towards helping those around you!

Chris and I have seen the power that lies in fresh starts and second chances first hand and that makes me so excited for campaigns like #stepforward!  When I look 10 years behind me, I couldn’t have imagined then having the life I do now.  I spent many years feeling lost and broken and so stuck.  I can clearly remember those “step forward” moments I had to take that led to the life we are living now. These moments look differently to all of us, but if you feel lost or stuck or hopeless, have hope!

Those moments that challenge us to step forward to change, to step forward and trust, to step forward and start can be frightening, but oh-so-good!  So, if there is something in your life that you are struggling to step forward in, I challenge you to take a breath and step!  I know my life wouldn’t look it does now had I not stepped forward in faith and let go of the things in my life that were holding me back from experiencing the life I was created to live.  But it all started with a decision to step forward in the direction I knew I was being called in!

We let the girls look around online to see which ones they wanted and it did not take long!  Charlie is obsessed with Moana, more so Tomatoa! Gold is now her favorite color and she is now super drawn to anything bright and shiny! When she saw these gold high tops she was like, “Ah! Tomotoa shoes!” And that was the end of that discussion:D

Living the life:D

It is so fun watching their styles and personalities develop more!  I can’t help but imagine what they will be like when they are older.  I hope that more than anything they are kind and loving and live with selfless intentions.


I tried so hard to convince the girls to get all white matchy matchy Converse All Stars… But, thats didn’t happen:D B

Definitely a little Daddy’s Girl!

At least I can still pick out her shoes for a little longer:D

We even got the teeniest little pair for Frankie! I can’t wait to meet this little girl and welcome her into our family!


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Thank you so much FamousFootwear for including us in your #stepforward campaign! And if there is something you’re ready to step forward in, step! You can be check out some awesome and inspiring step forward real stories from real women at FamousFootwear!

(Disclaimer: We received FamouFootwear Converse product for means of review, but all opinions disclosed are my own honest opinions.)