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I can hardly believe that we are already in our 3rd trimester with our 4th little lady! This pregnancy has definitely flown by, but I am loving it!  We are planning our third home birth and are so excited! I might be a weirdo, but I truly love pregnancy and labor!!! Like, a lot!  I joke that I would have a baby every year, but seriously… Someone convince my husband that this is a good idea:D I don’t know what it is but I almost feel more confident and comfortable being pregnant now that this has been my norm for so long:D

One thing that really surprised us with our first pregnancy and birth, was the lack of overall education we received or didn’t receive.  We didn’t’ learn about how I should change my diet and overall health and nutrition were not emphasized by any means.  I remember asking if there were certain foods I should include more of to reduce things like high blood pressure of other delivery risks, and I was told no.  I didn’t necessarily feel like I was lied to, but I knew this couldn’t be completely true. We weren’t aware of just how much education we were lacking until we decided to go a more holistic route with Christian Midwives and home birth with our second pregnancy and man, did we learn a lot!

We learned so much about food, the way our bodies process food and supplements, exercise and even how to apply biblical principles more into our daily lives, pregnancy, labor and post-partum expereince.  We felt so empowered and excited about everything we were learning.

My pregnancy with Charlie was awesome but our labor was amazing!  We delivered her with virtually 0 pain, 2 easy pushes and a perfectly healthy baby!  My recovery time was like 10 minutes before I felt completely back to normal, physically!  No after birth pain or anything! We were both amazed and beyond grateful and knew so much of this had to do with our choices to apply the education we gained to our pregnancy and delivery.

Since that experience, we have gained a lot more knowledge, have some new passions we advocate for and our eyes were opened to many things we are truly grateful for.  We understand that our birth experiences might not be the experiences everyone desires, or that everyone gets to have, but we only grow more and more thankful for these opportunities and for the incredible experiences and relationships we get to share with our midwife and her family!

When Forte asked me to try out their prenatal and post natal supplements, I was excited, but grew more excited when I received their package!

While they make several supplements shown to support nutrition throughout your pregnancy and after birth, I was more impressed with the total emphasis on education and promoting a healthy lifestyle that came along with these supplements.

The overall emphasis is placed on eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy exercise routine, simply taking care of yourself and growing child, and I felt they did a good job at providing materials that enable women to do this! They provide the supplements, recipes that are geared towards meeting your nutrition needs during pregnancy and lots of evidence-based research literature and education!  I’m probably a nerd, but I love doing research and learning new things!

They provide prepackaged prenatal vitamins, which is super convenient along with a prenatal booster full of lots of extra nutrients your body needs during pregnancy along with breastfeeding.  I always continue to take my supplements while breastfeeding to insure that my body is getting everything it needs…. So, It’s safe to say that I’ve been taking pre and post natal support supplements since 2011:D #allthebabiesandmilkmaking 😀

I use a variety of plant-based, whole foods vitamin and mineral supplements and am grateful to have learned more about Forte and their products.  While I can’t say that this will be the vitamin supplement system for you, I can say that I am very impressed with the education and empowerment Forte provides with their pre and post-natal supplement program and how convenient they make their supplement program!

I have been very lucky and have experienced very little nausea in my pregnancies. However, I know not everyone is that lucky!  When I would get nauseous, I sucked on peppermints, took vitamin B6 and drank lots of iced cold natural ginger beer.  B6 and Ginger are two of the main ingredients in their anti-nausea supplement, so if you’re currently experiencing nausea in your pregnancy, hit me up and I will get some of these to you to try and review! Seriously though! E-mail me if you or someone you love is experiencing nausea in your pregnancy so we can see if these will help you out!  I have also learned through my pregnancies that I am the type that gets super nauseous if I take any vitamins on an empty stomach, so if you’re like me, be sure and get a big healthy meal in you before taking supplements.

No matter what supplement program you choose throughout your pregnancy and afterwards, be empowered to take care of yourself and that sweet growing babe of yours!  And try and enjoy it because it truly goes by so fast!

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(Disclaimer: I received Forte product for means of review, but all opinions disclosed are my own honest opinions.)