The Girls Get Bunk Beds & a Little Room Tour

As soon as we found out we were pregnant with baby #4, we realized we would have to expedite our plans for the girls’ bedrooms.  Norah and Charlie were still in their toddler beds that Chris built them but Norah was definitely ready for an upgrade and Charlie would be soon.  We thought about it and decided bunk beds would be the best choice for the space and as soon as Norah heard her best friend Aubrie had recently transitioned in to a bunkbed, she was all about it!

We looked around and found a super sweet simple white wooden set from WalkerEdison.  We could have the beds side by side if they turned out to not be ready for the bunk beds or bunk them!  When the bunk beds arrived, the girls were way more excited than I thought they even would be! I imagine their reactions will be similar to this when we get them tickets to their first teeny bopper concert one day…. If they’re into that kind of thing:D Anyway, they LOVE them! They were so excited to sleep in their new girl beds and I am so happy for that because that means they’re not in our bed! So thank you WalkerEdison for giving our daughters a little more independence and mom and dad a lot more alone time! Also, did I mention we’re pregnant again:D

Then we needed mattresses, which we didn’t even think twice about. Chris and I recently upgraded to a King Size Tuft&Needle and it was basically life changing!  I’ve never actually had a new mattress and always had hand me down mattresses which I have always been thankful for but none of them have compared to our Tuft&Needle!  I have had so many people ask me for my “honest opinion” and I’m telling you guys, I LOVE OUR MATTRESS!!Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I had terrible sciatic pain after having Norah, so bad to the point that I couldn’t walk sometimes after a long day.  I would literally have to put my weight on my right foot and hobble along with the help of my walls.  When I’m pregnant, It’s even worse because of breaking my tailbone 3 different times and now the said little backwards Z shape that now makes up my tailbone actually makes contact with my sciatic nerve when I’m pregnant… So…That’s fun. BUT, no joke! It hardly ever hurts since we changed beds!  I have seen a chiropractor regularly and even after being adjusted, having special therapy, electro therapy and acupuncture, the pain would always come back within a few days… Until now! And I definitely believe I can contribute that to ur mattress. My husband used to complain of a lot of back and shoulder pain and we were just talking and we realized he doesn’t really have that either since we switched mattresses… so thank you Tuft&Needle!  When we opened the mattresses to put them on their bunks they screamed, “It’s the same as you and Daddy’s!” They were so happy that we could all be “matchy matchy”!

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Then bedding! Oh, how I had dreams of white fluffy down comforters and beautiful linen bedding but… That all went out the window when walking around at Target one evening. We walked down the bedding aisle for fun and there went all my bedding dreams for them:D Norah saw the mermaid + unicorn sheets, Charlie saw her Llama sheets and Chris pointed out to them their Mermaid Colored (Seafoam Green) Quilts.  After that, there was no way to convince them otherwise… They found the bedding of their dreams:D And as loud and colorful as they are,  I love how much they love them! However, they still needed one more pillowcase, so I won and got to use my favorite Linen company’s gorgeous Pink & Purple Linen Pillow Covers.. Thank you NotPerfect Linen!  And the girls loved them, so I was super happy!

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One of my favorite things about adding the bunk beds is we only had to relocate their teepee! It didn’t affect their Kitchen/Midwive’s station, their Ballet Barre their Dad made them, or their little reading nook!

Thank you SO much Tuft&Needle, WalkerEdison & NotPerfectLinen for being apart of the girls’ ‘big girl beds’ transition!

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