What’s in my bag

I decided to do a small update to what’s in my bag now that my blog has moved and Ada is almost 1!!! How?!  I am always curious what others carry in their bags so I hope this is helpful!

My mother-in-law recently got me the FawnDesign bag and I love it!! It’s super roomy, you can wear it both back pack or messenger style, it has everything I was wanting in a bag and it’s super pretty! Thank you Janet☺️❤️

Several months ago, I won these maptotes canvas tote bags via Instagram giveaway and I love them! They have made it so much easier to find stuff in my bag and also limit what I can carry so I adhere better to my minimalist ideas. I have one titled diapers that carries my… Wait for it… Diapers☺️ sorry for the mom joke…


Ok, back to the bags☺️  Now I sort my stuff by bag so I have the diaper bag, medicine bag, and snack bag which should probably just read lollipops because when the girls read the bag they say, “S.N.A.C.K.S. Lollipops!” I’ve also added lots of little snacks like trail mix, freezer dried fruits and fun healthy snacks on the go.

In the Diaper tote I carry diapers, wipes, a couple different healing salves for diaper rashes and/ or and small wounds or bug bites we encounter throughout our day. These include some homemade salves made by my friend Olivia and  Mom’s Stuff Salve which is amazing and you should totally check them out! It works on everything basically! Also, I think we have discovered the best diaper rash cream ever! The packaging is lovely, it smells amazing and it works wonders! It’s so natural you could eat it, and I promise it smells good enough to eat! Charlotte’s Bum Butter for the win! Our favorite diapers are BamboNature and SeventhGeneration diapers! Both of these diapers are eco friendly, sleep friendly and they’re white, cream and adorable patterns so even better!!

Here’s a rundown of what I keep in my medicine bag. It changes depending on where we’re going/ how long we will be gone, but this is what you will find most of the time.

A roller ball full of YL digize for any tummy pain, Wish Garden Colic Ease for extra tummy relief,  Ada’s teething oils which I will share below, YL gentlebaby roller bottle to calm us both down if we’re experiencing a tizzy, black drawing salve for our crazy mosquitos, tweezers, clippers, and all the lipchaps! I currently use my own handmade lip balm, Whispering Willow’s delicious mint balm and as of recently, I’m carrying Norah and Charlie’s all-natural tropical lip balms & butters from LiveBeautifullyBody around with us too☺️ I also carry a stress away roller from my frind Bethany & essential oil perfume blend that my friend Ashley and made for me! I could probably drink stress away.  It’s one of my favorite scents ever! I also have like 20 princess bandaids at all times now!  I should buy stock in Ariel bandaids:D

Now that Ada is full on teething I try and bring our teething toys and oils with us. Here is what I use. I have several favorite chew toys (can I call them chew toys?) maybe teethers sounds better…4 favorite teethers. Yarnandhookmade , EarthandMirth and Chewable Charm are a few of the wonderful shops where our teethers come from. Side note, both of these shops make amazing bonnets which you will see Ada living in this fall:D Ada’s silicone teething clip is from BaybeeBoutique and it’s super convenient and functional! We also use Madeline’sBox braided leather pacifier clips and they are wonderful! The oils I use for teething are YL copaiba & orange and I just rub those directly on her gums and her frown turns upside down real fast! Then I rub her jaw line with a blend of Roman chamomile & lavender.


With teething also comes a lot of drool and now that we’re eating big girl food as well we use BillyBibs  and MaryandKate bibs. They’re so pretty, reversible, and soak up all that mess real fancy like!

I also carry around a small brush because Norah’s hair literally goes to her little buns crack😱 I don’t use it as much as I probably should but I keep this and carry an extra headband for Ada and a set of Charlie’s hair bows incase we need to freshen up and look a little more like maybe we bathed that day☺️ I’ll include a list of our favorite bow shops in an upcoming post!

Ada has lived with swaddling blankets since she was born basically and we don’t leave the house without my favorite Mary & Kate swaddle.. I also use Modern Burlap and House of Jude blankets! All of these are so soft and also make perfect nursing covers!.  I often spray these down with lavender linen spray so it smells delicious as well!

 I also don’t leave the house without a baby carrier!   I currently use my Solly Baby Wrap,  an Elbebaby Ring Sling or my Wildbird Sling! I enjoy all three very much!

So, yep! That’s pretty much it! I keep an extra outfit, extra pacifier clip and Pacifiers incase we accidentally lose one, or 3.  Oh, and an extra bonnet! Thank you so much for all of these wonderful partnerships and to everyone who has given so wonderfully and made our lives a little easier, thank you SO much!

Also, be on the lookout for a Mommas’s favorites that I will be posting soon!! I’ll include our favorite toy shops, clothing and accessory shops!

Diapers- BamboNature SeventhGeneration

Swaddle- Mary and Kate

Diaper Cream- Charlotte’s Bum Butter

Wood Teethers- Yarnandhookmade 

Bunny Ear Teether- EarthandMirth

Silicone Teethers & Rattle- Chewable Charm

YL Oils- Ashley, Bethany Barkey

Salves- Mom’s Suff SalveOlivia Michael

Bibs- BillyBibs

Diaper Bag- FawnDesign

Canvas Totes- Maptotes 

Baby carrier – Solly Baby ElbeBaby WildBird

Silicone Pacifier Clip- BayBeeBoutique

Leather Braided Pacifier Clip- Madeline’sBox

Chapsticks- Whispering Willow, Live Beautifully 

Pacifier- Natursutten 

Bonnet- YarnRepublic

Update: Some of my new favorite items to tote with me since posting are my Gathre Changing Mat, Willaby Heirloom Blanket, WindyKnitsCo Blanket, Sakura Bloom Sling and probably more oils.